About us

Dr. Eli Zahavi – Chairman

  • Active Chairman and controlling shareholder of EZ Energy – International holdings and operations of varied energy projects – U.S.A & Europe
  • Formerly share holder and Vice Chairman of Alon USA – refineries, terminals, pipelines, gas stations & c- stores
  • Formerly Vice President of Delek Israel
  • Experienced and Specializing in developing, financing and running Energy related projects

Kalman Dines – CEO

  • Owner and CEO of Citylink Investments Ltd. managing and planning urban projects
  • Formerly CEO of Local Government Economic Services Ltd
  • Expert and experienced in management of urban economic development

Etai Alter – Operations Manager

  • Promoting and developing the project

Eyal Rozenfeld

  • Main shareholder and CEO of Delek Rozenfeld. Owns and operates network of gasoline stations & c-stores.
  • Experienced entrepreneur in fields of real estate and energy projects

Israel Electric Corp (IEC)

  • The sole integrated electric utility in the State of Israel which generates, transmits and distributes over 90% of the electrical consumption in Israel
  • Installed capacity of almost 14,000 MW and length of power grid of approximately 25,000 km

Financial Advisors – Goren Capital Group

  • A diversified independent investment banking house
  • The group is highly experienced in the Energy and Infrastructure industries
  • Running the Financial Model and BP of IWE
  • Coordinating the financing of IWE